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Ship wheels anywhere in the US
Free Drop Shipping
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Why Resale?

Resale is perfect for the following companies: tire centers, auto repair facilities, auto parts stores, fleet maintenance garages, and body shops. We've found that many of our customers don't have the need to stock wheels, and for the customers, we found a solution! With our resale division, you can order when you have demand, and ship them anywhere in the country FREE of charge.

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RR Retail Price

Resale Price

Suggested Retail

2008-2012 17x7 Chevrolet Malibu Steel Wheel / Rim$122.51$98.49$140.89
2003-2008 15x6 Toyota Corolla Steel Wheel / Rim$93.13$74.87$107.1


Ultra-Competitive Pricing and Cost Structure

We control our fully streamlined Supply Chain and sell direct to our customers –free of intermediaries.

Manufacturing/Global Sourcing Expertise

We actively manage the manufacturing process and own several of our molds; Capacity to rapidly fill any size order.


Wheels made from premium grade steel & aluminum – providing the safest product on the market today.


Wheels manufactured with a thick steel 2-piece design to ensure safety and performance. All wheels have passed the necessary safety requirements.

Total Performance

The precision of manufacturing, the durability of premium grade steel and aluminum, and our flawless OEM design separates Road Ready from the competition.

Customer Satisfaction

100% satisfaction, money back guarantee.

Customer Service

US based Customer Service. Top Rated Seller on eBay.

Free Shipping

Applies on orders of all sizes. Applies anywhere in the continental United States.

Explosive Growth

Quickly surpassing the competition.


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